So I will admit that I’m not a fan of Rockstar Games products.  The makers of the train wreck known as the Grand Theft Auto series and pretty much nothing else.  For some, it is the Star Wars adoring that fans have for their games.  Not saying all their games are bad but some will see their titles as the Madden or Call Of Duty or whatever highlight they deem to be treasure in their library. I, on the other hand, sit on the side line and look at how these products can be release and receive so much praise. I know I say that I am fair to all games and genre and I am. I have played their games with held back opinions until I finish it.  I just happen to realize somethings that are forgiven for….well, that’s the problem.

Rockstar Games get a pass no matter what they release.  Since they allow you to do whatever you want and can in their worlds, if it provides the fun that hook you, everything else place into it won’t be pointed out.  They get to escape any negative criticism, allow broken mechanics and repetition to be their main focus in design, and only create one genre because it makes them money. Say what you will about Hideo Kojima, Nintendo, and anyone else who do the same thing but you can look at those people history in this industry and see the diversity in most of their titles.

The only thing Rockstar Games hasn’t done is a asset flip which I am surprise.  Creating huge landscapes with limitations and redundant missions just seems safe for me.  The good and bad morale in GTA have no pay off because it want’s to tell a crime story that makes you question why there is a need for a forgettable story? All Grand Theft Auto games deals with betrayal, corruption, revenge, and cheat codes.  Wow, how exciting and innovative is that?  Don’t you just love the characters and assistance you get in Grand Theft Auto 5 in the story? Seeing how you get berated from the passenger in a car chase mission, or having a psychotic redneck do everything violent to others but can’t fly a helicopter because he rather shout, threaten, and be place in the wrong world entirely. How about the retired criminal who allows a family to act recklessly because he doesn’t want to admit that jail is a dream of a lifetime.  Though it does make a lot sense because prostituting the daughter and forcing the wife to do porn would only be welcomed and Rockstar Games would find that too easy to make as a movie.

This brings me to Red Dead Redemption 2 that was officially announce with teasers that wasn’t really needed.  While players are hype for this game, I know that it’ll get high praise for the atrocity that will be overlook because it’s Red Dead and it’s Rockstar Games. Stealth, murder, revenge, online, hunting, side missions, buying land, fighting corruption while being corrupted and evil yourself, shootouts, controlling a horse like a garbage bin full of rocks, that small white dot with over the shoulder shooting because the game play has nothing else better to be, and maybe bar fights.  You know, the safe and dumb fun that will be eaten up and rewarded with 9’s, 10’s, and tremendous amount of money.  A women thrown in their for good measure and there you have it. Done and done. No regret. No thought. Just a here you go and give us monies game.

What positive thing can I say? Max Payne 3 was well thought out, had a great pacing, story, and meaning. It was a game when done with  tight game play and not leaving with anything feeling like a afterthought, you can have a discussion about a video game and not cobbled up, flat, what you did in the game discussions.  You’re able to discuss how you felt at moments, character development, if the story was strong that showed how the characters and player evolve throughout the experience, and if the reward was fitting and acceptable of the purchase.  It stands as the only game, in my opinion, that you can have a deep discussion about.  You can’t have that in GTA, RDR, Bully, Manhunt, or any slapdash title they created.

It won’t matter what I say or believe since people will defend them to death.  Their talented developers who release sub par games that won’t matter to the mass.  I like certain things in my games and yes, I will play this title because I believe in fairness and supporting amazing developers.  The work though, is a different story. I’m just drowning a dead horse at this point. Just like Rockstar Games acceptable poor products.



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