Week 1

Nov. 1st

Day 1: Hunter And Ghost Star In “Load, Load, Load This Game, Quickly Before I Scream”

On a episode of Podcast Kinected (which you can find on TeamN3rd on Youtube), my friends Kyle and Corey, discuss Destiny from time to time.  Since I own the game and haven’t really jumped into that world, I’m not able to contribute to some of the topics.  With my opinions being varied, I didn’t give the game a fair shake although I had it for about a year.  Now,  to let you all know, it was already installed on my Xbox One and I decided to start a new character.  Choosing a Hunter, I jumped into the action…..of all this loading. Cut scene here, my side character Ghost giving me direction as usual, and remembering how bland this first part of the game was.  As the enemies ran around with digitize cocaine in them, I only  could shoot them and nothing else though I manage to finish a lot of the beginning quickly.

With all that out of way, I had to return to Earth to visit the tower.  That’s when the long load times reared its ReCore head.  Goodnight! It takes a while.  When I go to the other planets, it’s quick but when it’s back to Earth, it equates to someone putting 55 items on the conveyor belt in the 15 items or less line.  It didn’t make sense.  How come the long load times to Earth, which doesn’t have much on it’s planet, is longer the worlds you visit, which should have more data?

The last mission I played, The Warmind, was something I quickly got through and called it a night.  With the first planet done, I will move onto the next mission and get to where I left off in my original play.  Until then…..I wish I was playing a Nintendo game but onward I go!

Nov. 2nd

Day 2: Get Ready For A Rave Because What Else Can Be Done To End A Level?

In the 80’s and still today, most bosses had a pattern you had to figure out and use against to defeat them.  Now, some might say that has change in modern gaming and you may be right.  Is it a bad thing? Not really.  It’s just a design to help players use strategy and be efficient.  Mario, Zelda, and even at times Metroid, use this method for their games so that players of any age, can have a fair and balance fight.  It’ll change up from time to time but it’s still there in the series.

So why is this a problem or even a question for a game like Destiny? Well, as I got ready to finish some levels on Old Russia, Earth, I notice a strange pattern.  When getting closer to the end part of levels, you’re restricted to respawn back into the fight.  When you die, you have to do the whole fight over again.  So you can be in the fight for a good while and due to the armor you have and guns you’re dealt with, you have to be good enough to know that “being a sitting duck is worthless”.  These “patterns” of ending a level continues in most of what I’ve played and luckily through patience, God’s strength to not think of how Gamestop would take this game, and commitment to my brohams and you wonderful readers, I’ve been luckily to over come these patterns and do what I do best: suck it up and feel sad for myself.

The Last Array was just a chore for me to find codes because it doesn’t tell you where and what to do, you just happen to fall into a battle and get them? Ok. With more and more shooting and jumping around, I get to the ending of the mission and as Ghost is scanning, which he does in almost every level from this point on at the end, you have about a 10 to 15 minute fight going on.  3 to 4 waves of enemies come and some how, you’re stuck having to protect Ghost but really, in my opinion, its a way to hide a long load time for ending the mission.  No reason you have to fight this long for almost every mission.  It’s getting repetitive and nothing new under Mariah Carey’s wig.

Yet, I soldier on. I soldier on.

Nov. 3

Day 3: Well, What Do You Know?

With Old Russia, Earth being finish, I move onto Ocean Of Storms, Moon.  Following the same pattern and level lay out, I felt like nothing can excite me to play this.  I was just  going through the recycled motions of shooting, progress, respawn restricted, long ending fights, then 23 seconds of ending the mission which gave you nothing to do before you get your stats and leave.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty much what I expect this whole game is going to be (even with strikes and raids) but I’ll hold my judgement til I finish this.

So as I think that a Donald Trump Sex tape would motivate my eyes to be inspired and enlighten to what a soul feels like when active, I come across a level that made me clutch my pearls. The Sword Of Crota still does the first of the same of shoot & progress.  It isn’t until you get to the final portion of the mission.  When you are given the Sword Of Crota, the game suddenly changes. It’s for the best and kind of feels what the game really should’ve been.

Who would’ve though that some of Bungie designers played Darksiders and decided to put this in the game? Did someone actually get off the assembling line for Blandness Inc. and found a recipe for putting life into this game? I was having a blast swiping, jumping, attacking with the limit strikes and feeling like a true Roman warrior.  At one point, I thought War from Darksiders may show up! It was a beauty.  I wanted more but at last, the sword went bye bye after I was done.  I hope it comes back in the game later on.

If not, then that was the best thing that happen to this game since it was created.  Solider on Mr. Varnell, Soldier on.

Nov 4

Day 4: In My Head

So this one will be short.  I finished Oceans Of Storms, Moon and had to cut the game off.  I received a massive head ache out of no where.  I had Taco Bell and KFC Mac And Cheese and Mash Potatoes and Gravy and my Brisk Fruit Punch.  Yeah, I know I over did it but it’s a friday night, I’m single, and I have a commitment to fulfill.  Normally, I don’t get head aches and it had nothing to do with Destiny itself.

I will say though, I’m getting intrigue about this game.  To see why players stayed with it for all this time.  I know I am being snarky, shady, mean, complaining, and other juicy things that triple AAA games provide as entertainment, but to be real, it has some solid mechanics to it.  It’s not Steam Greenlight atrocity but this is Bungie.  They know shooters but since this is their second (or third) franchise that I can recall, a lot of ideas and effort place into this game wasn’t well thought out.

That happens in a lot of games (and I know those will come at me with Nintendo does the same thing but I can speak on that another time).  After playing Titanfall 2, the bar for the genre has been moved up in the acceptance level of doing something new.  Destiny set out to do something for console gaming with its design and for some, it work.  There’s podcast, blogs, vlogs, cosplay, and more that people are doing because of the enjoyment they got out from this game.

It may not be for me and I might rub some people the wrong way with my opinion or critique but it’s because I want games from a company I respect, to bring out better quality.  Yes, Destiny has a quality some can accept but before giving any big hype or over abundant big worded preview, prove all these things in a demo.  There are ways to make your game worth the purchase.  Now, because I am coming from a consumer viewpoint, I know everyone at Bungie put their all and more into this game and they should be rewarded for the product they put out. I do not deny that.  I’m glad and satisfied that I waited and bought the game.  I see this franchise having a bright future.

It may be me in my head though.  So I will soldier on for the moment.

Nov. 5

Day 5: Nolan North Should Voice A Robot In Star Wars

Now that I finish Ocean Of Storms, Moon, for a while, I actually am past my original character progress.  As I visited The Reef, Asteroid Belt, the story, what ever it is, starts to become clearer.  The relationship of my Hunter and Ghost starts to become interesting to say the least and I have to say, Nolan North is doing a tremendous job.  I didn’t mind it in the beginning (because it was ok for the most part).  When we interact with the queen though, the characters and the story started to matter.  The set up may have took a while but now that it’s here, things should play out better than what the first few hours of the game has.

I must say though, for someone like me, who has a harsh opinion about Star Wars, I can easily say that Nolan North has sold me in this game and he should voice some robot in the Star Wars franchise. His voice, manner, and attitude in this game is quite catching to say the least.  Why Star Wars and why would that be a choice from a opinionated person as yourself, you may ask? Well, his performance in the cut scene going to The Reef and interacting with my Hunter was funny but felt fitting like it was a cinematic scene.  I think Star Wars and he could benefit each other. It would be a miss opportunity if he wasn’t cast.  It’s nothing to do with Nathan Drake but more of his vocal tone done right with the special audio effects.

I just envision him having fun and really acting to flesh out the character within the story. That might shock some readers who know me but I do stand by that.  I really would enjoy his performance in a Star Wars game, anime, or movie.  As for his work in Destiny, it’s a solid performance.  Bungie did a terrific job overhauling Ghost with his voice and line delivery.  The levels have become standard fare and instead of complaining or pointing out problems, I am enjoying it for what it is.

That has been my first week experience.  As I start to do the levels in Ishtar Sink, Venus, more thoughts and fun(?) are being had.  Until next time folks, I soldier on!


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