Week 2

Nov. 6


I’m going to be open and put it out. I didn’t play today.  I worked 8 hours, came home, and slept.  I slept good.  I had the itis sleepiness and I didn’t even eat nothing.  I normally tell people now that I fell into darkness and woke up refresh and ready for anything.  I have every intention to play Destiny but alas it didn’t happen.

What took place instead was a great friend of mine and I, podcasting, about random topics.  Anything was up for grabs and we had a delightful time laughing but having some good discussion.  The podcast is called World 1-1 Podcast.  It’s a typical podcast but its pretty much a train wreck of professionalism.  We just have a good time talking about video games.  Introducing new indie titles, reacting to news, creating games we would love to see, and addressing topics that might not get talk about.

Even though we live in different states, my friends Larry, Adrian, and Tony, are amazing in the talks we have.  It’s good getting different perspectives about video games.  That’s why it’s a blast that I do it with them.  I do other podcast and do my very own. Yes, Optional Opinion,. is a one man podcast.  I have so much fun talking directly to the listener.  Rather you agree or not, every intention I have is to entertain and make you think or help you get through whatever it is.

So although I missed today, I will soldier on.  I did though buy Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Should be a interesting run through.

Nov. 7

New Enemies, Same Strategy

The latest planet for missions and progress of the game is in Ishtar Sink, Venus.  I tackle this missions, A Stranger’s Call and part of Ishtar Collective.  After meeting Queen Mara Sav and her boy band lacky of emo brother that I consider “back of the alley stage musical star” Prince Uldren Sav, I was given a task of helping her to get info for me to “stop the darkness”.  At this point, I wanted to play Mass Effect 2 but alas, I’m going with this.

I am now fighting the Vex in the current missions, and what do you know, run and shoot continues to work and this allows for multiple enemies to appear.  Not surprise that tactic works but I must say that I quite like the Vex and that their fit better in this game as enemies. Since they appear more in numbers to attack than the cocaine filled  Fallen and Hive, they seem to have a better use for this story.

Now let me speak about the “playing a part of Ishtar Collective”, I had to cut the game off when I got to the restricted respawn part.  I was dying a lot.  Since I had to start the fight over and over again, I gave up and went bed.  Bungie needs to lose this or give me a bos fight that’ll be rewarding.  This bogs the game down and punish the player unfairly.  Oh don’t worry, I’m going to talk about the multiplayer aspect of this game and my thoughts on that real soon.

I just play tomorrow and soldier on.  I don’t know how much I can go but I will persist!

Nov. 8

Continuing The Fight….To Not Want To Play Anything Else

I did it. I actually beat Ishtar Collective and was ready for the next mission.  Seems I have to lure the Vex Gate Lord and fight him so I can get his head and deliver it to the queen.  I get to the point where the same thing happens again and I have to fight my way through. This time, I get to destroy portals so that the Vex don’t come out.  I had to destroy 4 of them and wait for the Gate Lord to appear.

After a few tries, I finally got him to appear.  Shucking and Jiving until his health ran out, a cut scene appear of me dropping the head off.  Don’t know where it came from but the prince was not happy about it.  With that being proven, the city on Reef open up and I met some new people who’ll probably won’t play any part of this campaign so I’ll just roll with it.

Doing some clean up and returning back to Earth and…..service drop.   That’s weird? I was just on the planet Earth and service drop.  Whelp.  This game is a failure on so many accounts.  It went from a 5 to a 7.5 and now a 4.  I’m at the point of going through the motions.  The fun I was having is now becoming tedious.  This isn’t game design that should be rewarded and accepted.  This shouldn’t be tried ideas and quick recycling level layout.  This is suppose to be fun. Not pointless.


Nov 9

My First Strike

I was thinking of being mean but I’m going to be positive.  Destiny have Raids and Strikes that go along with story missions and the expansion packs.  Since I am focusing on the story more than the other things, I can certainly say this: don’t expect nothing from the strikes.  If you did a mission, you did a strike. I know the intention is to be with friends or random players but, it’s a co op mission like everything else.

For that being my first time, I had fun playing with random people.  What I like about it is that it had a mini boss and then a main boss. Standard video game design but we tackled it from different angles.  With Ghost doing what he always does of scanning something for what seems like the entirety of the Revolution War, we we’re just shooting and moving as normal.  With that section being finish, we actually came across a tank and some normal enemies.  Of course I used my black person knowledge of staying away so I can survive, I just shot at it until it was defeated.  The other two soldiers were doing most of the work and for that, thanks for the experience points.

We came across the final portion where we start fighting Toshiba’s version of Unicron.  I was ready to throw out my grapple and collect it like they do in ReCore.  So of course more shooting, shucking and jiving, trying to solve Whitney Houston death, wondering will Courtney Love ever make another album of emo-kindergarten tunes for plants, and all that other familiarity this game delivers, we eventually become victorious and defeat Crown Royal Jawbreaker!

Other than that, I yawned and went to sleep. Yeah, let’s keep it moving soldier.

Nov. 10

Side Dish To The Side Dish

Well, I guess it has come to the point where I tackle some of the DLC that came with the game. The version I am playing is The Taken King, so everything that’s been release beside Rise Of Iron is in the game.  So I jumped in The Dark Below DLC.  What will come from this? Well, it isn’t The Punisher’s Debut Stage Play I expected but I guess people who bought it should write Bungie a F.A.Q.

Why didn’t they just make this part of the campaign? Nothing isn’t new in it.  I got about 3 hours worth of everything that I been doing and using it really, to gain experience.  I started on Fist Of Crota. As I am fighting my way through everything, I start to wonder why with a name for a level to be Fist of Crota, why couldn’t the level change into a flash 3D beat em up? I mean, you have the sword melee down, this would be a time to actually do something fresh? Wait, I forgot what I was playing for the moment and freshness isn’t one of this game met expectations.  I make to the area where I’m confronted by Sargon, Fist Of Crota (a beefed up knight enemy) and I challenged by keeping my distance and chipping away at his health. Felt like Tina Turner rolling on a river from Ike.  I wanted to go all limo scene on him but he was taking huge chunk of damage cause you know, even when your over powered and have some top high level gear, you can always depend on Bungie’s Math and how logic works in their universe.With him out the way, it was onto the next.

I move onto Siege Of The Warmind and had to make sure this wasn’t a Studio Ghibli film I missed.  I’m beginning to notice something.  Did they lose effort and energy making different enemy designs? I fighting the same over and over.  It’s like they decided to watch a play through of Silent Hill and said “Guess what team, we can Uwe Boll our designs and place it into our game”. I felt like I needed a Snickers bar that was marinated in a jar of Jack Daniels. I finally get to “Might Of Crota” which is basically a cyclops enemy you already fought but stronger. Thinking on how Spider Man would handle this, I just ran, shot, hid, and started doing the Twist.

I eventually did some of the missions in the main story mode, which I didn’t even realize.  Other than that, I finish the quest, leveled up and cut the game off. Knowing I had a big day at work, I think…well, you already know at this point but to be fair, this is really a let down.

Ugh…I don’t have the strength to muster to take a bite out of a Frosted Honey Bun. Soldier…you get the gist of it.

Nov. 11

No Game For You

That’s right. I got a NES Mini. Yep, sure did. I also went to go see Blue October, went to Friday’s to have a Jack Daniel’s Burger, and didn’t play a lick of Destiny.  I got paid, slept til it was time to get up for work, and that’s pretty much my life at that moment.  I didn’t Destiny. No intention to play it.  I know I would spend 40 Days of it but sometimes, things are out of your control.

Did I mention That I, EDWARD D. VARNELL, HAVE A NES MINI? Not Dishonored s. Not more snippy comments and sarcastic descriptions. Not introspective game design or thoughts. No. I got a Nintendo related item that none or most of you non Nintendo fans don’t care to support and have made up their minds that the company is a washed up brand but cry about not owning a product like the mini when a perfectly awesome system with a must own library of games, wait for you on the shelf.

If want a mini with more amazing titles, then get a Wii U. There’s a ton of games from indie, thrid, and Nintendo themselves, that would change your mind about the system and why you were late to the party and should’ve been there when it started.

That is all (as I throw a Boot To The Head)

Nov. 12

Just Like Destiny, I Repeat Over And Over

Yep. Another day with no play time. Why? I purchase Blue Dragon and Wolfenstien.  I also came home and went to sleep.  When I woke up, I played Gears Of War 4. Later on I was introduce to the Horde Mode in multiplayer.  We made it 50 and it was fun. Challenging of course but fun.

I must say? It was interesting to say the least.  You had to be quick and smart on what you do.  I may have died but I did help my team the best I could. It was my first time and because I have to buy another head seat, I wasn’t able to communicate with the team.  Next time I will.

Other than that, I thought it was a good moment and got some achievements in the horde mode.  Hope to return to it and become better at it.

Until next week every one, Soldier on!


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