Week 3

Nov. 13

I’m Singing Not The Praises Of Destiny

So today, I didn’t play Destiny again but for a good reason.  I was away for nearly 6 hours.  I actually was singing in Brookfield, WI at a church and it was quite interesting.  While ministering through songs, parents who brought the little ones watch them dance around and show what they have been learning in their dance classes.  It wasn’t so much as a recital but a program for them to worship in dance.

Being the only tenor on stage, I was good holding the section down.  When I had to go to alto, I felt comfortable (my range is long even in falsetto).  I don’t get to do this often like I use to when I had time and work didn’t take much of my time. I know it’s a excuse but life happens.

Even when I got home, my Fish Fillet didn’t get eaten and I went to bed.  I knew I should have tried something but I was beat.  I had fun but 2 hours of driving and 4 hours of ministry (rehearsal, break, program) a lot can be taken out of you.  It was all worth it and fun then what I might have complained about if I visited Destiny.

I’ll soldier on in it tomorrow!

Nov 14

Mars! The Final Eyeroll

Well? Since I am caught up on The Dark Below and The House Of Wolves, It’s time for me to bring this fight close to a end.  Since I am 3 levels stronger than the level requirement, this should be quite easy.  We all know that isn’t true because Math in Destiny doesn’t exist.

I start the planet on Exclusion Zone and are fighting the  Cabal army.  I have to say, them having shields and jet packs was a surprise to me.  Something they should have placed earlier in the game was going to the enemies I had to encounter for a could of areas (not levels but areas).  It was quite amusing to me because I was still picking them off and blasting them in the air.  Was fun returning back to this game? Not really but I take what I can get.

With that mission being out the way, I decided to head off to bed. Yep. One mission.  I had a ball talking to my bosses Kyle and Corey on Podcast Kineted (where you can find it on Youtube at TeamN3rd and hit that subscribe button to receive exquisite and fun content from us).  Discussing my earlier distaste of Halo 1 to liking it a bit better on the Halo Master Chief collection is section you’ll have to watch.

With that being said, I’ll soldier on to the finale…..I hope.

Nov 15

Buy One, Get One’s Are Your Friend

So today, I picked up Watchdogs 2.  Since the first one was built on hype and 9/11 everybody after a week a playing, I was very skeptic what I was getting myself into.  Ubisoft games have become the partner you question to date or avoid.  As much fun as The Division was….when it worked….or even loaded on Xbox One, the appeal of it went away. Kind of like Destiny but 95% less.  It does look colorful and really gave me De Blob vibes in it colors but I’ll wait til I start playing to make that Judgement.

I also picked up BaNtman: The TellTale Series.  Since my boss Kyle is playing it, he recommended highly to me and I love Batman.  He’s my number one superhero with Punisher being number 2 (sorry Superman and Xmen).  With this game being a episodic adventure game, I was planning to wait for all five episodes to drop.  I normally don’t play their games but this was something I looked forward to. Watching Kyle’s Lets Play for this game (which you can watch on TeamN3rd Youtube page) made excited and also had me falling asleep (it was late).

No Destiny tonight also.  All I did was install Watchdogs 2 and Batman and went to La La Land.  With Pokemon Sun And Moon coming soon, i can round up that I might spend about 135.00.  4 games in one week.  I’ve done more than that (when I got my PS3, I went from 4 games to 13 in about 3 days).  I know Batman is important but Watchdogs 2 comes first for a particular reason.

I’ll soldier on in Destiny when I get the chance.

Nov. 16

I’m The (X) Batman (Y)… (B) A Craze In A Suit (A) Slow That Time Bar Power

I’m guilty of not being motivated of playing Destiny.  I come to the conclusion that it’s a terrible design game stitch together by the creators of the 3DO with Acid in their system.  Since I had Watchdogs 2 and Batman: The Taletell Adventure installed, I minus well start those games. I know when I return to Destiny, I won’t be questioning how to play which cardboard pinball I could make and play instead of the wash, rinse, and sitting in a corner with a Dunce cap on.

Instead of becoming a mindless redneck wondering why Car Wash lots don’t consider lawnmowers as a automobile, I decided to play Batman.  This is my second Taletell game but this one has my favorite Superhero of all time.  Since I played chapter one, I was amazed at how the game was being set up.  The decisions, QTE points, and investigations were super fun.  I do love the connecting part when investigating and then how all of it comes together. Of course they will show the murder of his parents because in most first introduction to something new with Batman, that tidbit I assume is crucial? What ever the case may be, I love the fact that when I decide to replay the whole game, I can make decision and see what would happen if Bruce and Batman was a douche and evil.

I didn’t get to Watchdogs 2 but it’s a Ubisoft game, so I’m not in a hurry to play it.  I know I was starting off good and was committed to playing Destiny and I’m still am.  With work and the holidays playing ring around the rosy, I get home and sleep until 2 am in the morning.  It’s happened a lot these couple of days.  I can actually say this with no regrets: I’ve become numb to Destiny and it really doesn’t do anything or is anything spectacular.

I’ll soldier through what’s left some day this week.

Nov. 17

More Batman, Zero Destiny

Can’t get enough of Batman.  I needed to catch up since episode four was coming out next Tuesday.  As I started Chapter 2, i realized how this game feels like a comic book and adventure game that fits the world.  I knew the way I wanted to play and what I wanted to say.  I never panic and made a quick judge.  I read the options and made my choice.  Knowing that their would be consequences, not much seems to be effected.

With a major choice at the end of episode two was made, I wonder what happen in the beginning of episode three.  Since I don’t want to ruin the surprise, I had to be in the mind of Bruce Wayne.  When I become Batman, I have to be in that mind frame.  With these two characteristics, keeping them separate seems difficult at first.  I been thinking if I act the same way for both characters, the A.I. would pick that up and make the connection.  In actuality, the story is linear and they’ll never catch on like that.

I went into episode three and the plot of the story thickens.  At this point, half of the villains you know or know about from the Batman universe, has pretty much appeared.  Catwomen, the beginning of Two Face, and Penguin, are close to their full potential but still in the crock pot.  With a new villain for the game now appearing, multiple story lines are starting to connect and then suddenly? The Twist because it’s Batman. When is there not a twist?

So about Destiny? Didn’t play it. Soldier on

Nov. 18

I’ll Keep It Short

I worked 12 hours, came home, and went to bed.


Nov. 19

The Hell Was That?

So after denying Destiny any gaming benefits, I decided to play it.  Since I was on Meridian Bay, Mars, I started playing The Garden’s Spire.  I have to say that the enemies here are somewhat challenging but it’s the same crack addicted, side to side, avoiding dance.  It feels that most of them been programmed with the same A.I. but dressed up differently.  I just want this to be over.

Luckily, it was close to that.  I made it to The Black Garden.  I made it through the level and got to the heart of the matter, sort of speaking.  It seems that I got the 3 big boss treatment and just shot away until they each died.  Throwing everything I had and dealing the annoying minions to get ammo, I only died once in the fight but on the last big boss.  When I return and started this abysmal game design, I finally won and destroyed the heart.  Only to be told that this was just the beginning.

This.  A cut scene showing I was victorious and told it was the beginning? That was it.  Raid, Strike, whatever, I would be furious if I played this when it came out.  You mean to tell me that Metroid Prime Federation Force deserve the hate and lack of sells but this game for some people is addictive and worth the play? It sold all these copies and people are sticking with it? This game is a lie.  It’s a drink coaster with unimaginable game design, atrocious load times, disappointing guns, a level up system that doesn’t justify your stats (if there is any), a forgettable story and characters, worlds that are utterly boring yet the inspiration for No Man’s Sky, and a build up so bad, you thought it was part of the Star Wars universe if the creators of Night Trap made it into a Make My Video title that’ll play on a CD-i.

I know I have the Taken King and Rise of Iron but you know what? I don’t think it’s worth it.  Vanilla Destiny or not, you can’t make blandness any more exciting.  That’s like making a KKK member robe glow in the dark. I can see why half of Game Stop has a whole bunch of copies traded in.  That’s a shame I had more fun playing Castlevania 64 than this.  It had me when I had the sword and it turned into a 3D Actraiser.  Once the sword disappeared, so did the fun and my expectation.

I still have days to play this so I will do my best to tackle the Taken King and I’m not buying Rise Of Iron.  I think I had my fill of this wank.  I can’t even give it my normal Yoshi Coin rating.  This game delivered all this repetitiveness and drab story.  I was fair to the game and what did I get in return? A “oh there’s still more work to be done” line.  This game couldn’t be supported for 10 years because the game isn’t interesting past 10 minutes.  It doesn’t teach you anything, doesn’t explain how things work, give you no explanation how to receive currency, gives you armor that isn’t strong because still after three to five hits, you still lose a ton of energy, and gives ReCore loading time seem like a 16 bit cartridge.  Plus, it’ll kick you out for no reason when nothing is wrong with your Internet.  I’m surprise I didn’t encounter any bugs but why am I being kicked out while walking.  Just walking and “get the hell out” Ike Turner treatment.  It’s the Mighty No.9 of Triple A backlog.

I give Destiny a “sit yo tail in the corner with a Dunce Cap” 4 out of 10 Ride To Hell Retributions.


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