In the age of remakes and remasters, developer Lizardcube and publisher DotEmu Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, is freshly paint Sega Master System game done right.  With its Sunday comics art style, jaunty soundtrack, and challenging platforming, Lizardcube nailed down all the parts with improvements of the 1989 Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap.  As eye-catching the visuals are, is a flaw to the game that’ll make you, wonder.

You play as Wonder Boy or Wonder Girl(they have no name in this game) who’s at the final battle to defeat Mecha Dragon. To their surprise, after the defeat of Mecha Dragon, they become cursed and transform into Lizard-Man.   Throughout the adventure, you’ll gain new forms to tackle the areas and bosses.  With its visuals, telling the story, there isn’t any dialogue that provides a narrative.  It has a beginning, the game itself, and the end with credits. 1 2 3 and done.

The five powers you’ll gain are Lizard-Man, which is basically a dragon that can duck (and it’s the only one that can duck). Mouse-Man, who can walk on certain walls and enter small spaces. Squid-Man swims around in the water. Lion-Man has a bigger shield and able to hit blocks and enemies with a vertical attack.  Last of the transformation is Bird-Man who can fly around.   You’ll these powers to around the areas and find hidden routes that’ll provide special challenges.

With these special characters and abilities comes weaknesses to them.  Other than Lizard-Man, all the other characters cannot duck.  Mouse-Man attacks are too small to hit bigger enemies and sometimes won’t stick on the platforms its design for (that may be due to control response).  Squid-Man is stuck only to one area and doesn’t do much but swim.  Lion-Man is slow in movement and his attacks and Bird Man cannot swim in water and will lose energy.

The biggest problem though is the ice slippery jump landings.  That old school Luigi traction makes certain parts of the level annoying.  You can run into enemies at times.  Slip off blocks and miss the next platform to jump on.  It gets very tedious when these parts have to be redone over and over.  It may be minor for some but you’ll tire of it when trying over and over to progress.

Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap though is a well-done remake.  It’s two to three hour short period of game time might not justify its price but if you add in the fantastic art, which you can switch to 8 bit along with its soundtrack, money grinding for items, and the secrets you’ll find throughout, you’ll be satisfied with joy of the top notch job Lizardcube produce.  You won’t be trap with disappointed as this game is a wonder you’ll enjoy.

4 out of 5 Yoshi Coins


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