The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

A monumental title that has not only evolved its own series but changed a complete genre.  Nintendo took a risk and the payoff goes well beyond sales.  It even goes beyond system seller.  For all it is doing for the industry and 2017, it has changed views on when the right borrowed ideas work for its own good.  It reminds us why legends have become known for its status.

Breath Of The Wild is just a phenomenal title.  The open adventure and its freedom define Open World.  No limits and nothing stopping you from achieving whatever goal you want to achieve.  Elemental areas have a risk and reward mechanic to it.  You want the secret without allowing Link to be able to handle the territory, go and challenge you.  Create the Demon/Dark Soul game that you like.

Do that or discover the science experience that you never thought Nintendo would create.  Take the physics, logic, and reasoning and apply it to the chemistry that is relay to you. What works and what doesn’t, can still have some use and value later down the line.  Look at the genius of the puzzles that molded this land.  You see the problem and you work to solve it.  No punishment. No question.

That’s only a portion that makes Breath Of The Wild. Through every iteration on console and handheld The Legend Of Zelda has been on, the improvements and the familiarity we come to know has melded together to form one of The Best Games Of All Time.  It knows what it needed to be and the delays that came along with it shows that everything that was poured into it, helped it continue its legendary status.  Breath Of The Wild isn’t for the adult gamer or the young player.  It’s for those who are willing to see the risk a game can take and reward the player and itself.  It creates memories and conversations while making developers rethink how they design their titles.  The paint by number safety net has been cut and the huge weight of expectation to match BOTW or surpass it has been put into place.  A force challenge and creative thinking if want to look at it.

That hasn’t been done in years.  Trying a new IP is different than what BOTW has to offer.  A new IP is given a new idea a chance to become a legend in future.  BOTW broke a lot of traditional designs we have settle for and place our enjoyment onto.  Introducing the mechanics, stretching out dungeons and treasures, boss fights that uses the ying yang philosophy, and gaining strength by being on a linear path.  Same items, same theorys.  It was more about the adventure and what you were going to be expose to.  It didn’t feel fresh like it should.

Mario has become a legend because of the many innovations it brought to the masses.  Iconic power ups, various genres the games has tip-toed in, the jumping mechanic, 3D space and its control, introducing art with a mouse and music, and even giving us music that has been covered, mixed, and made certain composers who they are.  The Legend Of Zelda, the minalist from Metroid, Castlevania, Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, and more classics are legends who have taken this same path to not only stay relevant, but to bring whatever it can to bring a new life to the industry.

I learned over the years that all games work within themselves to achieve becoming a legend.  Who considers it a legend though? Why does it need to bring life? You can or don’t have to consider a title legend.  I consider the work a series has provided me personally as a legend.  Nintendo itself is a legend because of what it has given.  Allowing new life in the form of innovation that changes a genre, which is rarely seen, allows the appreciation that is given has its proper due.

Not saying that other modern gaming is becoming legendary in their own right, but not much has done enough on the level to change and create a path for the industry.  Final Fantasy VII allowed death for a well loved character to be a important narrative to the story.  Resident Evil 4 over the shoulder gameplay introduce action horror mechanics to be used as a replacement for multiple genres.  Tomb Raider brought a female adventure that mix puzzle and treasure along with introducing cosplay along with Princess Peach.  Even Rocket League, who had its own trouble, mix in two arcadey sport styles into one hasn’t been recaptured and used in other games.

Breath Of The Wild though celebrates this new life by giving you the Link you want to create.  How you do it will be up to you.  The template that is given to everyone can be filled with whatever you go out and find.  Once equip, you cherish it or remember how you can attain it again.  The weapon degradation keeps the balance and variety fresh.  Makes you think what you do with whatever you got, to survive the harsh fights your going to encounter.  In other LOZ games, things were easily given to you and never put you in a pinch.  BOTW stripped that away, kicked you out the house, and said “have fun” and locked the door.  It knocked a lot self confident players to their knees and showed that Nintendo wasn’t playing around.  They were going to defeat you and if you’re not watchin what your doing, that Game Over Screen will lovely bless the TV multiple times.  Although, its one of the best feelings because now you have that determination to overcome that battle again, only to get a treasure or something you don’t even have a use for.

Even the horses you ride own serve its purpose.  Not only do they give you travel and you can name them, but they show you that if you can tame it, you can ride it.  The video of the horses evading trees is a testestiment on how some of the unique ideals was showcase in a game of this nature.  You don’t think about it but applying something like that in a fictional world may help prove how they tried to place some realism into the game.  As many times people tried to break it, the game knows that the horses are program to miss hitting the trees.  Funny thing about all of this is that players around the world been thinking of names for their horses.

That’s the beauty though when legends allow this.  Small but impactful.  Bringing new life from an old and tired  rehash that needed a new direction.  It may take a new team with their own ideas and working with veterns or creating what they see the direction that franchise can go.  You’ll see it when the new God Of War comes out.  You seen it with Final Fantasy XII, and you even seen it with comic book games like Batman Arkham Asylum.

It is important for modern players to play the classics.  To understand the design, the art, and everything that makes a particular title legendary.  Whether they like it or not, I assume some kind of acknowledgement can be shown towards it.  Even if they play some of them from current systems, they can get a grasp on why these games are strong and needed.  One day, today’s games will become a legend and it’ll continue until the end of time.

As for now though, Breath Of The Wild will show how deep and adventurous the game is.  It’ll be written, taught, explored, and discussed piece by piece.  If there is one thing we all can take away from BOTW is that, legends never die.  They live on to teach new meaning of what video games can be and offer.



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