E3 2017 has come and gone and a lot that was shown blew a lot of our minds.  The marvelous content that will grace our screens in coming months and what we can expect next year didn’t disappoint.  First and third party, for me, each carried games that are must own day one product (with Nintendo having me wanting everything). Without further ado, I present my personal list of games at E3


With EA announcing Bioware Montreal next game and it the gameplay reveal at Microsoft conference, Anthem looks to he a hit out the gate with an intriguing story and a visual flair that makes your jaw drop.  If developed right and with the story written by one of the writers from Mass Effect 1 and 2, Anthem seems to be on the right track of being a game of the year contender for me.  With being a ways off (and we know they’ll be certain delays), the third person action game may have what it takes to right the wrong that many have felt from Mass Effect Andromeda.

Black Desert

A console MMO for the Xbox One, Black Desert pique my interest with fast style combat and the magical maneuvers you’ll be casting in this world.  For me, I hope the melee attacks adds some stylish action combos ala DMC: Devil May Cry and Bayonetta 2.  MMO’s haven’t tackled anything like that and with the lost of Scalebound due to cancellation, Black Desert may have a chance to save the lack of RPG’s on Microsoft current platform.

Code Vein

The anime infuse “souls” style title takes place a destroyed land that seems to overrun by demons. Containing the slash and dodge known well to games of that nature, Code Vein seems to bring more of a single player mindset of what Fire Emblem could look like if it went in this route.  With Bloodborne being quite difficult and frustrating camera angles (with long loading times at points) Code Vein seems to be easier to digest and keep my focus on staying with the game.

The Last Night

A sprite-based adventure game? Cool. A 90’s Flashback with a hint of Snatcher? SIGN ME UP AND GIVE IT TO ME! The Last Night is one of those indie titles that its esthetic was missing or forgotten.  With a Neo-Noir mystery at hand, this 16-bit art frame (or 32x with more processing power) grabs your attention the moment it’s in motion.  The sci-fi genre that I like, hopefully, will bring a narrative that will have me replaying the game and discussing the game with theories that could happen if a sequel is decided upon.


About time this 30’s Disney cartoon style shoot-em-up title finally get a release date! I am ready to blast big bosses while learning patterns, destroy wacky enemies, and relive the days of Contra when the challenge was rewarding.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisp

Ori And The Blind Forest may be one the finest emotional games that every made me want to buy a console. With a phenomenal art style and at times, questionable challenges, the game was a significant hit for Xbox and Window 10 owners.  With a delightful reveal of a sequel, it didn’t get me emotional like the first trailer but the art style continues to speak to me and automatic was a day one purchase when it started off.

The Evil Within 2

The evil continues with this sequel with a trailer that said: “Death Stranding don’t have nothing on us”.  This survival horror game seems to deal with more mental craziness, scarier and deadly enemies, and paint by the number cliche B-Movie thrills.  I’m all in for the fear I know it’s going to provide.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The reboot of Wolfenstein was a major hit for Bethesda (it’s sitting on my PS4……do not judge me).  Wolfenstein II adds not only more Nazis blast-a-thon fun but the hint of KKK kill sprees to up the ante. I laughed. I yelled. I’m all in to discover this nonsense that makes Video games what they are to us.

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The game nobody wanted, ended up with a majority of positivity that people are willing to buy it and play it.  Compared to an X-Com style game, the basic strategy looks fun and easy to get into.  With great Non-Nintendo graphics and comedy galore, this game had me cracking up and my wallet ready for its upcoming release.

Starlink: Battle For Atlus

Three things that had me at hello: Starfox battles (maybe), Customizable ship parts that look exquisite, and something new from Ubisoft that isn’t Tom Clancy in its design.  No need for me to say more.

Far Cry 5

Well? This isn’t this an interesting premise? Ever since Mafia III gave us a level to execute KKK members, games are taking a more mature social commentary in America.  Why are these religious zealots forcing the beliefs and lively hood in this town in Montana? Who cares? We just want more of the lovely gameplay the Far Cry serious is known for and I want to see, from a Christian perspective, what they bring to the table.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

The fantastic lost gem that appeared on the Gamecube/PS4/Xbox created a cult classic of 3D platforming and picture taking worked so well and its offbeat humor and lovely hard hitting main character Jade, was welcome in the 15-hour quest.  Now, after 15+ years, the sequel that many rumored was happening, has finally come to fruition. Well? It’s a promise with its trailer delivery that is.  With no gameplay or platform in sight, many of us are just happy the rumor can be drowned in the sea and we can expect the game.


I finally get to play this fantastic game on PS4. That is all.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I finally get to play something that won’t make me drink myself with anger and eye roll all the terrible writing and “let’s play the whole game in the past” design. Yeah, I’m throwing that shade but this looks wonderful and got me hype to have on day one.

Detroit: Become Human

The latest from Quantic Dreams just keeps getting better and better.  More choices. Investigations. The consequences depending on my work and those tense and hard acceptance of life and death resting on my hand finally make morality very important as gameplay.


With its Arkham combat and Metroid Other M dodging, Spiderman on PS4 is a promise hit out the gate.  It looks to be one of the best Spiderman games I will own and play and with some QTE added to make the movie quality impactful, Insomniac is on the right path to bring us another Game Of The Year Contender.

Everything Nintendo Showed

It’s Nintendo. It’s me. What else did you expect? Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Yoshi, Kirby, two Metroid games with awesome Amiibo, Pokemon, Fire Emblem Warriors, Sushi Striker, Mario and Luigi Super Stars and Bowsers Minions, Ever Oasis!!!! WHY DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS YOU!? I WANT IT ALL!!!!

Game of the show for me: Super Mario Odessey

The music, level design, outfits, controlling enemies with the hat, THE AMIIBO, controlling a T-Rex.  This game reminds me why Mario is still the king of video games and why I look forward to owning them and playing them!  Jumping off the hate and then some warp pipes turning into 8 bit Super Mario Bros. games. I left this E3 on one of the highest notes from this game.

So that is my list. What were your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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