(Editor’s Note: This is going to be a new type of review where I talk about a game that I recently completed – platinum and/or 100%)


Finally! It is done. Platinum trophy and 100% for the DLC.

For those unfamiliar, The Walking Dead (Season 1) is of the Telltale family of games. It is an adventure game where your choices affect the story. Generally released as an episodic game, all the chapters are eventually released in one package.

CYOA Cave of Time
Anyone remember these books??

On a side note, I have discovered that I absolutely hate these type of games. I did play on Vita which may have lessened the experience for me even more because of how poorly the game plays but nonetheless, I doubt I will play any of the other Telltale games in the foreseeable future.

There were a few reasons I chose to play The Walking Dead. First off, I am a huge The Walking Dead fan. More so the graphic novels than the show but still a fan. Second, as any trophy hunter knows, Telltale games are always mentioned when talking about easy Platinum trophies.

When I say easy Platinum, you would be hard pressed to find an easier game to get a Platinum trophy. Sure, there are games that can be Platinumed in under an hour. The only way to not get the Platinum in this game is to not play the game. There are trophies for each and every chapter you complete and a Platinum trophy once the fifth episode is finished and the credits roll.

On a scale of 5 pauses (blog name – see what I did there??), I would have to give The Walking Dead a half a pause. There is absolutely no challenge involved. Your choices have no bearing on trophies because chapter completion rewards you with the trophy. I am actually grateful for this because I probably would not have finished the game if it required multiple playthroughs. The game takes about 10-12 hours to complete. It probably feels shorter if you play the episodes on release.

I would give the DLC 1 out 5 pauses. There are only 5 mini chapters that take approximately 10 minutes each to complete. Like the base game, most of the trophies are acquired just for finishing up the game. There are 2 missable trophies though which caused the spike in the difficulty rating. One trophy just requires a certain choice to be made. Since you can replay individual sections, this one is not that bad. As a bonus, it is at the beginning of the chapter. The other missable trophy requires you to win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Your opponent’s choices are completely random. I had to replay the chapter 3 times before I was able to get the trophy. Granted, I knew about the trophy beforehand so I tried to get it on my first playthrough. My advice would be to play through and complete the chapter. That way, if you do have to go back, once you win the game, you can just quit and not have to finish the chapter.

Final thought: This game should not have a Platinum trophy. It is a joke to complete. There are no difficulty spikes and there is nothing else to do besides the story. I have Platinums in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne. I also spent 50+ hours in those games working towards the Platinum. I am not saying a game needs to have a minimum time but it should require you to do more than the norm. I doubt the average gamer who could care less about trophies would care if this was another 100% completion as opposed to a Platinum trophy.


Base game:

Half Pause Easy (more like cakewalk) Platinum – play to inflate your trophy totals or if you like adventure/choose your path games


Pause Button.jpg


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