Available Now on PC and Playstation 4

Publish and Developed by Spearhead Games

1-Player Action Role Playing

The Legend Of Zelda has proven throughout time that top-down views make some of the best titles out there.  No matter how many screens you’re scrolling or if everything is connected in one place, you’ll explore imaginary worlds, discovering the various treasures and secrets that will aid you in your path.  Stories: The Path Of Destinies turns that formula into a delicious diagonal adventure that has a different spin in its entirety.

You play as Reynardo, an anthropomorphic fox who starts out saving his rabbit friend  Lapino.  While your learning through the first level, you come across a book that encaptures you in a mystical way.  While making your way through the 5 choose your adventure levels, what should be the end of the game actually isn’t.  You die no matter what.  Did I just spoil it, well not exactly?

Stories big appeal is the replayability of the game itself.  With different choices you make to go to the next level, you’ll be in different areas which will lead to different conclusions. In a light-hearted comedic way, you’ll be given multiple choices that’ll lead you one of the 26 endings the game offers.  Luckily, the whole process gets shorter and faster the more you play.

The game is melee base with one button for attack, one for your hook, and for your dash button.  You’re given 4 swords which are also keys for special doors you can open.  The sword also contains special powers like healing, fire, ice, and a shadow attack.  You’ll also find gems that will allow additional abilities to your attacks.   While finding treasure, you gain ores to help you extend the power of the weapons.  It only goes up two levels per sword so it won’t take long to fully strengthen them.

The fast and fluid combat will have you zipping around attacking and dashing.  The combos will rank up the more you attack and counter.  If you are hit or the timer runs out, you lose the combo.  Continuing your combo throughout the fight has a reward when you finish the fight adds to the experience you collect.  Also, fighting flawless rewards extra points when you deal with the Ravens, magical hands, and explosive Ravens.  You’ll learn counter timing by the exclamation marks that appear over a enemies head and if time right, you can slow down time and attack the group easier.

Gaining the experience allows you to open abilities like taking shields away, counter easier, expanding your health and magic, and making your sword stronger.  When you go up a level, you can save the skill point or apply it to the seven choices they offer.  The problem with this method, along with the sword level and gems, is that you have to get to a workbench or statue to allow you to do anything.  You’ll have to fight your way to those points.

Which comes to some of the downsides to this game.  Although the black line colorful paint style aesthetics looks fascinating, there are points that areas won’t pop in and your running on an area that is invisible.  Some will pop in after 5 seconds or won’t show at all.  Another problem is the challenge itself.  You won’t die that much but if you do, your sent to the last checkpoint.  Also, if you choose the wrong path after you finish a level, you risk dying which forces you to do that last level all over again.  You don’t get any additional weapons and once you find all the secrets, you’re left with leveling up the character and getting all the endings.  There’s not much to desire once you unlock the true ending also.

I quite enjoyed myself with this game.  The fast pace action and the well-done voice overs are a welcome change that goes along with the narrative and the design of the game.  Spearhead Games made a great budget indie title (that would fit so well on the Switch) you can easily play and finish.  The easy replayability can hook you for hours and it’s always fun beating up the raven.  With a simple plot, Stories: The Path Of Destinies delivers a charming tale or tales in this matter, that’ll make you feel like a child imagining an adventure at your own discretion.

3 out 5 Yoshi Coins



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