Fantastic addition to an already great game. 

Before I start, I have to admit that I did not think Diablo on consoles would be a good game. I actually thought it would be absolutely awful. It is now one of my favorite games on the PS4. Even though I have the Platinum trophy, I still play the game from time to time. Rise of the Necromancer is an excellent DLC that I would recommend for both old players who want a reason to return to New Tristam and for new players looking to dive in. The sheer amount of content is quite extensive and in typical Blizzard fashion, there is still support years later.

On to the trophies! First off, I hated the Diablo III Platinum trophy

What?? I really like the game

Diablo III’s Platinum is one that you can beat the game and then still have to put countless hours in to finish it off. Like the base game, Rise of the Necromancer has a trophy set that can be somewhat grindy. A large factor to take into account is if you have played the base game or not. Not so much for familiarity but more so in Paragon level (bonus levels after you hit 70 that grant boosts to stat categories). I was able to hit max level with my Necromancer in just a few hours by jacking up the difficulty. This alone shaved off a few hours of the trophy hunt.

None of the trophies prove difficult (everything can be done on normal – increasing the difficulty just helps you level faster) and I was able to complete the set in about a week. If I only played Diablo, I would have finished in a few days. For those who are starting from scratch, I would say two to three weeks.

The trophies are rather straightforward. Everything deals with the Necromancer (obviously). Just beating the game and hitting max level will net you two trophies. Technically, you can have someone who has beaten the game start a game and then join them to skip right to the end. I would only recommend this if you are already at max level before Act V. Personally, I found the story something I wanted to hear more about as I played through. If you are at max level before Act V, you probably are a returning (or current) player and do not care to play through the story for the 1000th time. Be warned, skipping to the final quest does not automatically unlock every quest and there are two trophies associated with fighting Diablo. A workaround is to play adventure mode after clearing Act V and one of the bounties in Act IV is to fight Diablo. There is also a trophy for speaking to a specific NPC in Act V so I would only skip if you know how to get back to the specific locations.

The remaining trophies deal with using Necromancer abilities, one against a particular boss. I think I was able to get 2 or 3 of them without realizing there were trophies associated with those abilities. There are two trophies that are somewhat grindy. This may depend on your playthrough as well. If you take your time and explore every inch of Sanctuary, you may unlock these as you play through the game. Or, you can have happened what happened to me and be forced to replay certain sections to achieve these trophies. Luckily, Diablo III tracks all trophies through its in-game challenges so you can obsessively check how close you are getting to each trophy.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Rise of the Necromancer DLC

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I was giving to penalize the trophy set for being grindy but I would have to play through a fresh save to get an accurate idea. None of the trophies prove any real challenge once you realize what to do. Bonus points for not giving away any trophies with the exception of beating the game trophy.

Enjoy this short video of some Necromancer gameplay.

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