I’ve been done with Destiny 2 for about a month or so and although I enjoyed it, I have come to a realization that the series is done. It has nothing to see or offer. Console owners are left with limited options and PC players are spinning the wheel to see if they are even allowed to play it. Not a good sign in my opinion. Even if sales tell a different story and streaming showcases it too, Destiny is a wasted potential in a crowded space of Masterpiece games.

Now, this is just one writer’s viewpoint, but a game on any platform shouldn’t turn into a dud that leaves the player waiting to play content that will mostly allow more repetition to have its day of expansion.  You’ll run it 15 times and pretty much, accept it with no choice because the game itself is a one way street of the chance for gear.  In most RPG’s, the side quest for gear, magic, money, or levels is offered with the main game.  In Destiny and Destiny 2, gear just doesn’t have no value or necessity to it.  You can be powered up but the 3-5 shot hit and die factor feels tiresome.

I just finished playing Halo 5: Guardians and I thoroughly love it.  The guns, fast-paced action, the beautiful cut scenes, and the open battleground kept its linear pace balance.  The story was fitting and wasn’t that bad (while Destiny story is still questionable on what it was and how you went about it).  Even when the game got challenging, you were able to think it out and prepare yourself for the onslaught.  The Destiny series seemed to be Smash T.V. if Phil Fish programmed it on Ouya.  It seems to present no variation, so its left up to the player to find things in the game to change up the monotonous design.

Destiny 2 may have fared better but you can pretty much level up too quickly.  This presents its problem of shops and specialty merchants because while leveling up, a better gun and gear is found and what does that do? You guessed it. It’s just added to your limited power level which seems to be an annoyance. It’s explained better but by the time Destiny 2 will make you care, you already got your fill.

That’s the main problem for me and maybe others.  When you got what you need after a day or two, the need for more vanishes.  Bungie hasn’t recognized that and doesn’t plan too.  Once all the updates, DLC, and such come out, Destiny 3 will be the same rehash with fewer lessons learned.  The campaign, PvP, Strike, Raid, Gear, Level, factions, and more will just be there cause its the staple of Destiny and it’ll just get bought and eaten up with no want or desire for the series to improve on a whole new level. Its intent is lacking because of what is intact.

I’ve finished both games.  One was an abysmal eye roll while Two was a replacement for the actual Destiny franchise.  The series just has fluff created to make a company profit and to lay out safety nets for certain player’s purchases.  If this is all Bungie can deliver, then I have to find a better experience and just accept that the Destiny series exist to provide underwhelming fun at the player’s expense.

If it can’t explore new ideas and incorporate a better design, then the series need to wrap it up and stay on the shelf until another game from Bungie can be done that doesn’t include guns, First Person, Sci-fi, multiplayer, and uninspired stories.  As for now, Destiny should look into retirement.


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