The NBA and NHL Playoffs are Surprising Us – The B-Sides

Corey, Matt, and a Bored Moose talk about the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, and how exciting and surprising they have been this year.

Road to E3 Part 1 – Nerds Gone Platinum Episode 49

The news got crazy this week when Bloodborne levels are played in GTA, Bethesda teases a new Fallout Game, Sony thinks about a PSone Classic, and more. Later, Jason, Moose, and Jeff look at the road to E3 and a look back on it's past.

What’s Up with Controllers? – Nerds Gone Platinum Episode 48

Moose is missing somewhere in Yharnum, so Jason and Jeff take it themselves this week. They discuss challenge updates, H1Z1, Best Buy ending Gamers Club, Vampyr going gold, Arkane's Prey Moon Tease, Vita Games, Black Ops IIII, Yakuza series coming to PS4, Trophies, and more. Remember to email us at or NG_Platinum on Social Media!