Every day on instagram, I post a record photo, an audio snippet and a mini statement about the record on display. And since all I really know about is music, I figured I’d share here weekly. I’m not here to tell anyone that my taste is better or that I somehow have more knowledge, I just really enjoy music of all kinds and love to share in hopes of generating discussion. Sure, I have my thoughts on albums, songs, labels and artists, but would love to simply talk more about it with any and all interested. If you continue reading, thank you for your time. If you’ve already moved on, thank you for stopping by.


Round and round and round we go. Where do we stop? Nobody knows. It feels like this week was absolutely jam-packed with activity that I simply cannot remember. I know I did a few things with games. Wish I could’ve done more. I know I worked, but nothing more or less than the usual occurrences to report, honestly. But I do remember enjoying spinning them records like I always do.

To the vinyl!

July 29, 2018

Pavement — Wowee Zowee

I feel like Pavement’s odd third album receives the shortest amount of time in terms of thought and regard. Their first 2 albums being landmarks of indie rock, their 4th being the crystallization of every power they had as a band and even Terror Twilight, their final effort, receives more discussion even being derisively labeled ‘Stephen Malkmus’ first solo album’. Wowee Zowee still feels like the band expanding themselves and pushing away from the almost-star-turn that Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain had been. It’s probably my favorite 90s record to just listen to because it doesn’t stay in the same place from track to track and sometimes the differences in them are jarring in great ways. To me, one of the most discussed bands of the 90s never hit a better spot than right here.

July 30, 2018

Massive Attack — Mezzanine

Speaking of talked about bands of the 90s, Massive Attack almost didn’t make it there. The tour supporting their landmark debut, Blue Lines, all but shattered the collective and was marred by trouble at seemingly every turn. That Mezzanine happened is the cake, but it’s quality is the icing. While their patchwork second album brought new fans to the fold with singles like “Protection” and “Spying Glass,” this outing is there magnetically dark and listenable masterpiece. It’s too bad their interpersonal conflicts were played out often in public resulting in the departure of Mushroom. They’ve not been the same since. In fact, they’ve been nowhere close.

July 31, 2018

The Beatles — Abbey Road

Growing up on steady diet of oldies radio, I heard a ton of this band. I also had it beaten over my head that they are the greatest band in history. Naturally, in my teens I would rebel against both of these before actually learning about them. Eventually, I would settle on the point of view that yes, they are the greatest band ever if you look at the objective aspects of their career. They once held the top 5 spots on the charts. They legitimized the album format as a viable form of expression as well as primary focus for rock. Whether I like Sgt. Pepper or not, I must acknowledge its importance as the first proper concept album. We could get into their studio techniques and the aspects of production that they revolutionized, but this would get way too long. While the statement could be made that this makes them the most important. Sure, that’s a true statement, but I say “greatest” because of the distinction between the 2 terms. Important implies a new methodology which would go on to be perfected. The Beatles introduced new methods as they put out top notch material while using them. There is no better example of them throwing the entire ball of wax at album than Abbey Road.

August 1, 2018

Digable Planets — Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)

The early 90s were great years for hip-hop. While the popularity of the angrier side of the genre started to steadily increase, garnering negative press by the boat load, the positive vibes and social conciousness were in full voice as well. Digable Planets released 2 absolutely essential albums. Their debut, Reachin’, is such an airy, bluesy, jazz-laden affair that’ll keep heads bobbing and toes tapping while Doodlebug, Butterfly and Ladybug Mecca spit laid back game with deft skill at dizzying arrays. “Where I’m From,” the chosen snippet here, is a nice view point from where each of the 3 see their worlds their way and is a consistent bringer of smiles to a bad day.

August 2, 2018Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer

Josh Tillman is a special songwriter in these times we live in. He has a particular method of working through aspects of life in these times that, while not everyone’s cup of tea, delivers both punch and praise with style, panache and a wonderful voice. This album has been a slow burn in 2018 and become better as I’ve dug into it. There are great songs here that are worth your time!

August 3, 2018

M.I.A. – Kala

Regrettably, I missed M.I.A.’s spectacular debut record, Arular. However, it was a problem I rectified in short order. Kala is a bombastic explosion of sound that is still finding new ways to get my head nodding. However, its wonderful opener, “Bamboo Banga” is still a track I listen to mainly because of the memory of driving my friend Abe home one night. I’ve never seen anyone dance like that in a car and I don’t think I ever will.

August 4, 2018

Aphex Twin – Richard D. James AlbumThere’s no artist like Aphex Twin. None. Forget genre classification or time period. No artist makes the changes between overwhelming sonic cacophony and melodic beauty IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREER that he’ll do in an album. Richard D. James is the most complete representation of his powers. Whether or not it’s his best is a more complex question.

Another week, another 7 records are on the way.

Banana and out!


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