Life is such a ride to be on. Meeting new people, going on adventures, allowing creativity to speak to you on various levels, and being inspired by the works and beauty you will encounter. In video games, the stories, environment, themes, and more play an important role. It’s not just for fun, but it reaches players in ways other media might not be able to. So many parts of a game can speak out but for a lot of us, the art or graphics set the tone and attractiveness of the product.  Characters, the ones you control and come across, portray traits you can identify.

Art and Character lay the foundation on why we love video games.  When we interact with these characters, see how color and style showcase dialogue and situations you’ll come across, they both have become a favorite of all of us.  New art styles can bring a fantastical story and world that may innovate how games can be created. Characters that started out as 2D with not much backstory have evolved narratives that now give more depth and personality. Whether it’s Princess Peach still being kidnap to androids fighting their right to exist, various characteristics and personality are starting to become relatable and detail what an individual person can consume.

This year, I present Optional Opinion’s The Beauty Of Video Games Vol. IV. I and my fellow guest will deliver why we find various art and a wide range of characters to be some of our favorites and why we continue to enjoy them and at times, go crazy for them. The first week will speak on The Beauty Of Characters. Following week, we’ll look at The Beauty Of Art, and then our final week will be the combination of both.  So join me, and fellow podcast, as we discuss The Art Of The Character.


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