As this week come to a close and after we examine all the beautiful things about different characters, there’s a simple thing that connects us to them all. Why we root for them, place our decisions based on our morals and personality, and other reasons.  Our relationships, meaningless or not, is why we love them and become fans of them. When they suffer, we suffer. When they encounter a battle, we strategize to have victory. When we feel a burden, heaviness, happiness, or anything we have going on in our lives personally, we can pour that into a game and use that character to help us rectify it.

People who know me, know why I have an affinity for Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. At one point, Vivi encounters others like him and he gets bullied and goes through somethings.  I recognize all the things that happen to him up to that point and how Vivi questions many things. I’ve done that throughout my life and still at times question stuff while overcoming things.  He may not be my hero but I identify with him and relate to him and his moments.

I grew up with Nintendo and Sega, so that universe of characters means a lot more than skill. They provided laughter and the importance of never giving up.  I may seem controversial at times but when I get to the heart of the matter, just like Mario and the guys from Altered Beast, its all about the fun and love.  I just find gaming in general beautiful and characters of these games therapeutic.

Even when I see a game and those characters not fit for me, I find it beautiful that it is for someone else. I have no right to judge who a person or group of people to love and respect in games.  That’s the beauty in other relations with those characters. They have something I may not have and the more I root for them and their choices, the more I get excited and connected.

We may not take things for granted and sometimes don’t care but having a passionate love for a character just happens.  Now that gaming has evolved and become more open, the positive and negatives might look broader but you can’t fault someone purpose finding that character or characters they love.  It does something for them in a positive and helpful manner.  My NGR squad knows me and still learning more about me but across all platforms, I love when we each have our own list of favorites, dislikes, and those we are coming to know.  Some might say a character is just a fictional representation. That may have some truth but it’s beautiful to have something than nothing.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Optional Opinion Beauty Of Video Games topic that focuses on characters. Next week, I dive into The Beauty Of Art and explore that world.  Do tune in to Optional Opinion on Soundcloud and other Podcast apps to hear a discussion about this week feature. Until next week everyone, let’s celebrate these Beautiful Video Game Characters! (Mario Jump)


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