The Art We Walk With

It was until the Super NES was doing more on their system with games like Starfox and Donkey Kong Country. At that time, Nintendo had to think outside since NEO-GEO was bringing the "arcade" experience home....for $200 a game, Sega was doing Sega CD and interactive games, Turbographix entering the scene with the HuCards and Turbo CD.


It’s Not Just Graphics, It’s Artistry

Seeing the tricks, previews, exclusive game features, and more would be the highlight as I read and absorb the information that was being poured.  Since the Nintendo Entertainment System was my first official own system (my parents had an Atari) and my brother owning a Sega Master System, I had the world of every aspect of games. Added with Arcades and you can see why I still have an affinity for games to this day.