Ever since I was a kid, I have been into video games. Asking my mom to get me Electronic Gaming Monthly and GamePro at Walgreens were victories for me to be invested in the industry. Seeing the tricks, previews, exclusive game features, and more would be the highlight as I read and absorb the information that was being poured.  Since the Nintendo Entertainment System was my first official own system (my parents had an Atari) and my brother owning a Sega Master System, I had the world of every aspect of games. Added with Arcades and you can see why I still have an affinity for games to this day.

Though one thing always made me want a game more.  It was the art. From the ads to the box art, the interesting the design was, the more I was gonna purchase it.  Even if it was bad or good, that art work would pop out to me and grabbed my interest.  When systems were advancing with the technologies, better graphics in games allowed better level design. Bring Arcade action to the home was more possible but still, the Arcade games were superior.

Now that art and graphics are at a higher level, many art styles can be incorporated that couldn’t be done in the past but that’s the beauty of gaming. With advances, everything can come into fruition with greater artwork or graphics.

So on this week Optional Opinion: The Beauty Of Video Games, I will take a look at the beauty of artwork and methods that were and still use to this day. So join me as I cover The Beauty Of Art.


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