During this week, I have covered graphics we’ve grown up with, digitization, FMV, and Cel Shading. Just some art styles and formats that went past the usual sprite base look we know about.  Even with 3D becoming the standard now and polygons being refined, advancement in the art department still have ways that can be explored and interjected. We have Claymation and we have now, due to Nintendo, Arts and Craft with Yarn look. What else can come?

That’s the beauty of it. So many options are standing by. Something watercolor created can have a minimal and relax score to walk you through a land of emotions while telling a narrative through pictures being colored in by the player.  All on a nice 2D platform, it doesn’t have to be grand but just expressive.

Rotoscoping from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective could also come into play. Seeing that style again from that game and Flashpoint could make a return with color and style. Even as an adventure game, it would be delightful to see it. It may take time and a medium size team, but its something that will feel fresh and memorable.

Whatever happens in the future, we should forward to it and if it works, support it more. We can’t find the beauty if things aren’t allowed to grow and we show appreciation for the titles that are doing its best to bring something original, fun, and well. So, I hope you all enjoyed this weeks work at looking at some art styles I find beautiful.

Join me tomorrow for part 2 of Optional Opinion podcast for The Beauty Of Video Games. Next week, is the final week and it will focusing on The Beauty Of Both. Until then, have a great week or weekend and thank you for tuning in. Until next week everyone, go play some beautiful games and appreciate the art that stands out to you.


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