We make list of our personal favorite character throughout the year. Theirs art styles that appeal to us that may make us want the game more than expected (looking at you Daemon X Machina). In a way, when both of the work together, a love for what’s to come is born.

We see it in present games and new IP’s today (once again, Daemon X Machina). The intertwine nature of gorgeous art and character design from that art provides a perfect balance which creates a fan even before playing the game.  Some may be out there but its there for a reason.

In this age, characters and art has merge better than what was done in the past. If you see a box art for the Sega Master System and NES games, the actual game looks nothing like it. Even in the arcades, that side panel art gave you an idea of what the game may contain. When you look at Konami’s beat em ups, the art in the game was trying to be similar to the main resource it came from.

Since technology has advance, both have easily been merging together to make some of the best and historic games. New icons have form, art styles has risen and still being integrated and we are still taken aback to what is being displayed on screen when they both have this perfect balance.

This final week will feature on why both are beautiful when done right. So join me as I talk about The Art Of The Character.


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