I’m going to bag on Nintendo for a second. What in the world was Return Of Samus? I understand it’s a follow up to Metroid and it’s good a sequel came to the Gameboy. I couldn’t tell what I was doing or where I was going and the challenge was a bit tough. I know many people love the game but its not what it cracks up to be.

Then 2017 happened and during a Treehouse live, Samus walks slowly on the screen displaying the 3DS. After all the excitement and new abilities and detail in the game, it was refreshing sight to see. Metroid: Samus Return is the delight and resurgence Samus needed to bring hope to the series also, praise be to video game G-Phus, it’s what Return Of Samus should’ve been.

The beauty of remakes or reimagine (other than reboots) is the change the creators can make to bring the best out of the characters and their idea of the world and level they will place the plot in. Now that games can be HD/4K remastered, the experience you encountered the first time can be enhanced. As much as I love Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker and Twilight Princess, the touch ups make those games a more outstanding.

Even Shadow Of The Colossus is breathtaking to look at. The original was a great niche title but the seeing the structure of the colossus upfront and on their body should impossible to be done in a game. Each element from movement of the colossus actions to you taking them down feels and look lovely.

That is thing about makeovers in general. In games, there’s a hidden beauty, a gem, the original quite fully didn’t expose but with better tech and engines, a breath a new life is given and may bring younger players to seek out the original. Love the Metroid series I started off with, play the original before Zero Mission if you can and see the difference with those games.

Remakes, like Resident Evil 2 and reimagines like Samus Return, are just example on why some of the older games need that “glow up”. Heck, I want Wayforward to make Super Metroid (hear me out). As great as it is, Super Metroid has some flaws. A reimagine of it could make the experience darker, deadly, and outright challenging. It’s a classic example of perfection for the past, but it can go further to solidify it for ages to come.

Yes, there has been some less successful games (looking at you Altered Beast on PS2) but when done in a manner that the audience will appreciate, it can gain a new beauty that will attract newcomers to it. Makeovers don’t have to be done bad and lazy. The purpose is to make it better and worth more to the fan.

It makes sense that a lot of games from the past need it. Your favorite game may be better if it got remade with better graphics and gameplay ideas.  It still can retain its uniqueness while offering something innovative and modern. Look at Ducktales. It’s still hard and sometimes annoying but you cannot deny that remake is pure bliss.

Seeing those old sprite character getting a redesign in a art style that makes them good to look at is amazing. That’s the beauty of giving a franchise another chance. If it doesn’t work out, then at least its there for those who are willing to give a fair shake or already has.

So let’s celebrate so great remakes and reimagines. What’s the harm of the beauty coming from it?


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