I love to draw. I’m not the best but I still love to do it when I can. The ads in the monthly EGM got me to grab some paper and a pencil and just look at the artwork to draw it. Now that ads have become 3D and some ads don’t even feature art work for their characters, I just end up seeing the ad and turning the page. Yet, I still have a lot for art and characters.

It’s because of the vast games of characters from the 8 bit days to the 32 bit days. Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Capcom, and other eastern design gave me my favorite characters, their design in and out the game, and why some games of today has study the ones for yesteryear. I still talk about Turtles In Time on SNES and Streets Of Rage 2 on the Genesis. I talk about Snatcher on Sega CD and weirdly enough, Alundra on PlayStation 1. My nostalgia of the past help me continue to love and see the beauty of the present.

Modern games art styles and characters have become more developed with characteristics, personalities, mentality and morality, choice, better camera angles, color palettes, keeping 8 and 16 bit sprites alive and looking better, and more. Seeing games like this now a days keeps my enjoyment for them. Guacumelee gets its inspiration from many games of the past and from companies while being its own and producing consistent fun.

From genre to genre, there has been passionate care taken with a lot of games to make sure the fan base are supplied with the games and its style they love. No matter what you started to get into now, there has been historic games that has laid the foundation. Super Mario Bros, Outrun, Super Metroid, Half-Life, Doom, Myst, and more has brought us Rayman Legends, Forza, Axiom Verge, Resistance, Zombi U, and Phoenix Wright. Even Out Of This World has help make Ghost Trick remember a design we need more of.

This is why indie games have that 8-bit style for a lot of games. Why a game like Lumines has given us games like Just Shapes and Beats. How Dance Dance Revolution led up to Just Dance games. Even Bubsy 3D help Ride To Hell Redemption become whatever it is.

I just love that gaming is continuing to look at the pass to make better and exquisite games. Even in the present, this too will help the future. It’s such a beautiful thing to know and welcome.


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