As we head into the finale of the Beauty Of Video Games, I covered a lot of topics about each one. There are more characters present as we have indies being more available to the consumer.  They’re bringing art styles just like first and third party games that look fantastic and really make a game look jaw-dropping. We;re even getting higher production of indies from Ninja Theory and others in that space.

We will continue to get that Cloud and Aerith, that Yoshi, BT-7274, and more. These characters will provide us various emotions and somewhat, represent who we are, our personalities, moralities, and level of patience. We’ll also get more themes about these characters. Heroes, destructive, comic relief, misunderstood are some examples we all can recognize in the characters we love, came across, or placed in without actually realizing their something else by the end.

With Nintendo leading with different art styles in games and having Nintendo Labo, we’ll still get new approaches come into play. Lighting, reflections, shadows, colors, and a few other parts that make a game look beautiful will continue to be used in greater ways. We still need rotoscope to make its come back. We have comic formats that can still be used. MORE CLAYMATION PLEASE??

That’s why I can’t wait to see what the gaming industry brings us. Games continue to range for everyone and no matter what you pick up and play, there is something that’s their for us. Who know indies would become a huge spotlight for years to come? Though we still fighting for respect among all, we can find something passionate that unifies us. I think art and characters does that.

The more stories and narratives that have to be told, the more the medium we love will grow. Women heroes and villains are past the sexy look. The big muscle dude need to be worth investing and keep interest instead of being a flat brute. The expectations we have for well known developers has grown. We hope to see more balance with creators and the community. When things work out, the beauty comes forth.

I want to thank Corey Dirrig for allowing me to bring this project to Nerds Gone Rogue. To all my podcast guest, thanks for the discussions and topics. To you all who read this series for the first time or know the past volumes, I hope you enjoyed it. I want The Beauty Of Video Games to be a celebration of many things and hope I can continue it for years to come. If you all love something, continue to write, search, podcast or discuss reasonably about it.

Until next year everyone, The Beauty Of Video Games Vol. 4, The Art Of The Character has come to an end. Check out tomorrows Optional Opinion episode for more on this week topic and soon, my special guest will deliver the epilogue for this year. Enjoy the beauty of video games everybody!


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