Take the time with this admittance: I am wrong at times and will own up to it. With that being said, as we get close to Thanksgiving, we celebrate a time with family and friends we are thankful for. No matter what we believe or say, we still have a love and respect. A lot of people know my opinions and options on many things and as crazy and out there my viewpoint is, I do try to support why I believe them.

Maybe that’s why I’m accepted. I have a history of talking and discussing game-related topics that might not gel with the masses but its something to give thought. No matter if a game many like and I have problems with, or other games I showcase my passion on Nintendo alone are, it always a welcome moment.

When I’m wrong (and many think I am about a lot of things), I can own up to it. I don’t run away from it but always try to buy myself out of it (I owe my own boss here so many spicy chickens, he’ll never go hungry for a week). I know how to take a loss and still be positive about it. It may seem odd but that’s me. I’m an Aries so that may also be a reason.

Yes, Bloodborne is good. Rockstar makes some good games. PlayStation 4 is a decent system (I don’t like its design still but oh well), the Uncharted series is well done, and Destiny 2 will still be better than the first one. Also, Mass Effect Andromeda is worth a go. As you can see, I said nothing about Nintendo (you’ll have to check Optional Opinion episode right here:https://soundcloud.com/edward-varnell/optional-opinion-does-nintendo-deserve-to-be-criticize).

So yes, I do accept being wrong. I will continue to say some out there or outlandish opinions. We all do at times. That’s part of our nature. When we’re wrong, we’re wrong. When we got something going that is leading up to something truthful, we shouldn’t throw it in people face. We just being observant. That’s how I am and try to be.

So as Thanksgiving is happening and you sit around the table, be happy and accepting. Unless some crazy mess go down and you need to leave. If that happens, post the T! (I accept all crazy dramatic stories).


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