Originally released on PC on May 15, 2012, Diablo 3 has had its share of ups and downs. From server problems to end game content before the expansions, it wasn’t in a state that many felt it top tier like World Of Warcraft. After two expansions and 4 console versions later, Blizzard finally has released a definitive version for Nintendo Switch.

Diablo 3 is an Action based RPG that you and 3 other players can explore, grind, and fight your way through 5 chapters of the game story. Choosing from seven classes, each warrior possesses different attack methods and special abilities. As you go throughout the adventure and level up, more special movers open up and gear you obtain will be allowed to equip.

Equipment is a key for survival. As Blue is the basic standard, the better the color you see, the better the stats are. You decide what works for you. Since each will use the green for positive and red for negative, once you equip it, you can read more about that item. There’s a lot to find and the drop rate tends to be balanced this time around. As great as that is, it kinda makes it hard to use shops that are in the game for most of your playtime.

Grinding in this game isn’t difficult neither. You just play and do missions and most of the time when you find a secret area or chest, you just continue to fight and grow stronger. As an action RPG, the grind in this game for experience and currency isn’t as long as Active Time Battle RPGs (Final Fantasy VII for example). On the Switch version, you have the freedom to play anywhere at any time.

The drop in and drop out is seamless. Barely no slowdown and choppy frames when others join you from your friend’s list. Although live chat isn’t available for team communication, it isn’t too hard of a task to work together in the game. That is a downside to a game of this caliber but you can find other methods on how to work that part out.

With solid a 60 Frames Per Second, fun and long quest that won’t bog you down, and all the DLC included, Diablo III: Eternal Collection is an easy buy for Switch owners. Even if you own it previously, it’s a great game to carry with you if your traveling and want a meaty game to play.

5 out 5 Yoshi Coins


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