Eddie Phrezh here to talk about the NX Challenge. Corey Hudson Dirrig, Jesse Douglas, and I will be going through our backlog of games for Nintendo systems and Xbox. We will keep a tally of Yoshi Coins and at the end, we’ll see who has the most. We invite you guys to join in and let us know what you are playing and what you end up with. The rules and point system is as follow:

1. All Nintendo and Xbox games only. Sorry, no Sony, Steam, or other services count. If it is on Windows 10 and the Play Anywhere/Gamepass system, it counts.

2. Proof of pictures or comparison is receipts/evidence to show progress. Keep a journal if need so and have fun with it.

3. No judging and be positive. This challenge is fun and fulfilling. Also, no 2019 games will be counted. Anything in the past that has become a backlog only counts. So if you buy Anthem but don’t start it till July, it won’t count cause it came out 2019.

Point System

5 YC: You fully complete the game with 100% Achievements/Status. NES games will not count if you don’t provide the evidence. You can also stream if you like. 1st, 3rd, and indie all fall under it.

4 YC: If you complete 1st party games. If Nintendo or Microsoft publish it, that is all it matters. DLC will not count unless it is looked upon as its own game (the Xenoblade Chronicles DLC being its own game in a sense will count)

3 YC: If You complete 3rd party games. DLC will not count.

2 YC: If You complete an indie game. DLC will not count.

1 YC. If you end the year with a game that is 50% done. Each title you didn’t finish but got half of it done, you’ll receive it.

In the end, If Corey or Jesse come on top, that winner can choose a Pro Controller or Customise their own Xbox One controller and I will award them with it. If I come on top, each of them has to play a game of my choice.

So come join us all!


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