Following the success of the original PlayStation Resident Evil, Capcom released Resident Evil 2 on January 21, 1998. 21 years later, Capcom brings us another REmake title using their previous game design, Resident Evil 7, to power this title. Now with a mixture of being over the shoulder like Resident Evil 4 and placing the old design of Resident Evil, did Capcom rejuvenate that feeling of survival horror?

RE 2R follows after the events of the first game. You choose between rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, sister to Chris Redfield. Depending on which campaign you choose, you find yourself in Raccoon City and see that it is being overrun by Zombies. As you make your way through the adventure, you must find out how all of this happen.

In the original game, you got two disks but 2R places everything on one. You can select the difficulty, which effects weapons and enemy encounters. The game also Autosaves so you don’t have to worry about the pesky typewriters unless you decide to play the hard difficulty. A great feature for those who are experiencing this game for the first time.

Graphically, it looks terrifying with superb detail in your surroundings and how the zombies, lickers, and more look. The character models are portrayed tremendously in cutscenes. When controlling them though, they lose some appeal but you might not notice. The environments truly shine as bodies lay around in gruesome depictions. It’ll make you question if they’re dead or a trap.

Limited inventory makes its return with storage boxes laying around. Once you use items for its purpose, you can put them away to make room for more components you’ll come across. I did though wish they gave you enhancements if you were allowed to explore more of the police station and other places. Doesn’t make sense a clock wheel mechanic is just sitting out in the open but I can’t find another officer special attachment (look, it’s Resident Evil, why not have more absurdity added to it?) As Metroid as it can be, it would’ve made a nice addition but it may also take out the suspense the game delivers.

As small things make 2R a vast enhancement, it’s the tactics you’ll decide to use to make progress. Since ammo is limited and you don’t start off with a standard knife, you’ll choose if its worth a fight or take a chance to run past them without being grabbed. Unless you have a knife, grenade, and other weaponry to help you, you can’t counterattack or push them off. 4 to 5 bites can kill you if you don’t heal but luckily, there are some delays and ways around certain situations.

Which bring a problem to the game. The wonky camera can mess up your avoiding plan. If there are enemies blocking your view because their taking up the majority of the screen, you can get lost and attack. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it kind of ruins the experience for a bit.

Gameplay is acceptable but not fulfilling. This is a remake of old backtracking filled nonsense. The placement of zombies just appear and since you can’t take them all down, it’ll feel like you’re being trained to speed run through the game. Enemies take too many bullets and with only crafting or finding ammo, the survival portion may seem unfair.

All in all, Capcom has done it once again. Although not as creepy like RE Remake, 2R brings the chills in a REmarkable way. Stunning graphics, terrifying tension at the right moment, not having fix camera angles and door loading screens being gone, Resident Evil 2 Remake will not scare you from this fulfilling nightmare.

5 out of 5 Yoshi Coins



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