The niche scene has a special involvement in the gaming community. Each game that you purchase and add to your collection, has an air of exclusivity to it. That first and sometimes only print has a value that’s not only sentimental to some but historically, a product that is a lifetime to own. Now that we live in a digital age, the game code can be enhanced or available to buy to those who missed it.

It’s been like that years and throughout those releases, that company library was building. Until that one game, that one title, the unexpected standout, that push the company to a new status in the gaming community. It doesn’t mean that just because they’re huge they have to release major knockouts. If it can take one game to make you a star, it can also take a game that can make you look like a failure. It depends on that person.

The newcomers may help with that “glow up” but it can be same ones to tear it down. If they haven’t distanced themselves from the ones who were with them for years, it’ll show how many people really are fans to them. Platinum is a prime example.

Bayonetta set a welcome we accepted. Even Madworld was decent in it. Once Bayonetta 2 push Platinum to a superior level of hit developer, things quickly fell after Transformers. Players wondered what happen and now that they’re working back on Bayonetta 3, it probably will take this game for people to trust them again. They have the skill and great at what they do but some projects hurt them.

Team Ico made a little step of having that one game to make them big as Naughty Dog but their delays diminish gamers believing in them. Yes, Shadow Of The Colossus was the experience that help them become a major player for Sony but with The Last Guardian not making up for the years its been in development, Sony themselves, felt like their abandonment and cut marketing for the game, return them to that small team of ever having a appreciative fan base. For me, The Last Guardian is THEE PlayStation 4 game of all time with Horizon Zero Dawn being second.

I know for some, their first game can create that stardom or can create their path of being niche. Retro Studios and Wayforward are examples of this. Retro knocked it out with Metroid Prime and Wayforward had some minor success with Shantae. As their paths still deliver extraordinary games, they both are thriving with the success that makes players long for their games. Wayforward is my Konami from the back in the day and I love their titles and can see the heart they put in their products. Retro Studios taking a big Nintendo franchise into a new genre and makes everything work and people making it a list game for them.

Even for us personally outside the majority, it can take one game for you to love something and hate something. It’s your opinion and viewpoint. Some will agree and some won’t. It’s ok and if you find yourself as part of that niche market or community, it’s alright to see that others share your thoughts. Gaming is vast now and you will eventually find that one game.

As we go forward, indie companies and major third party are arriving, we will continue, with patience and hype, to play what they have to offer. Mixing genres, bringing in new art and gameplay, and breaking through the norm, they can reach the potential they set out for. It all takes that one title or series to do it.



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