When you are part of a minor community of a series or IP in video games, you and others, do there best to get the word out about the latest game. Blogs, podcast, video, and more that can make some visibility come into play. I’ve done it with The Last Guardian and other games I personally felt the need to play. No matter if it worked out or not, you just want some titles not to be ignored. You’ll feel that if it gets ignored, the sign of failure is there.

What happens though when it does get recognized by a majority? If the product rises up in sales and the community grows, then success has happened. The creators and team members are overjoyed that their game is well received. No one can expect what outcome these games will have after release. It can take a day, a week, or years for it to get a point of being that hit.

Now that the recognition has come, will it always be there? It can be but that’s pressure on the team. Their work is in our hands and if they don’t follow our opinions and views and input, we will make our criticism be heard and we assume they don’t want that. If the outcry and backlash is spread over the news, the teardown will get the point across to them.

Funny thing though. That barely works and the recognition is still there. The success will come and go and flow in a circle. What is love at one point may not continue for the next time. On yesterday blog, I talked about having that one game to bring the company to the forefront. That highlight can be the story they need for their history.

A lot of success stories come from companies working with Nintendo for example. Whatever you think of Metroid: Other M, Hyrule Warriors brought Koei Tecmo and Nintendo into a new light of partnership. MercurySteam handle of Castlevania 2 was a major letdown and hurt the company but when the reveal of them doing Samus Return for 3DS came about, all was forgiven in a sense and the recognition of them worked better than many thought. Heck, Square Enix was taken a back how Dragon Quest games on the 3DS found more of a community than previous titles.

That’s just a small portion of the many success stories that has came out. This week was all about niche gaming and the market. Games from every corner longs for that visibility. I should say, they want positivity visibility and not visibility that puts them in a bad place (and that is on the developer and publisher if they have done some shady and unethical execution). If it earn I the correct way, then the success is well deserved. Simple as that.

I hope everyone enjoy this week feature. I hope it motivate you to go and check some niche titles and companies you may been curious about. Nothing is wrong about knowing something you been in the dark about. Rather it grabs you or not, the niche things are worth getting to know.


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