All the important PlayStation news you missed in a TLDR format every Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7am EST.


Who wants more God of War?? As promised by Cory Barlog, we are getting a behind the scenes video series about the creation of the instant classic. The trailer is available now and the entire series will be available for free on “This tree is a metaphor for the franchise of God of War…and at the very beginning of the franchise, we chopped the fucker down…so that we can chop it up and carry it around and burn it.” – Cory Barlog


Think you found everything to be found in Marvel’s Spider-Man? Think again. Senior Engine Programmer Elan Ruskin just revealed this easter egg a few days ago. New York is full of all types of people. Different races, colors, creeds. You name it, New York probably has it in some form or another. Have you spotted any Jewish people on Saturday? You probably did not even realize it was Saturday during your binge. Well, the game uses your PS4’s internal clock to determine the days of the week and if it Saturday, Jewish NPCs will not appear during the Shabbat. Fancy yourself an explorer? What other secrets are left to be found?


**WARNING** RUMORS INBOUND! **WARNING** Rocksteady’s new game could be revealed this coming Friday (April 26). The new title will be called Outlaws and be a Destiny-esque game with DC content. Rocksteady has a pretty fantastic track record to date. Who do you want to see in this game if the rumors are true?


Last week, we reported that Days Gone will take a hefty chunk out of your hard drive space. Well, it appears that they will be taking even more as the day one patch weighs in at 17gb. For those keeping score, that brings the total up to 84gb before you start this game. We think it will be worth it but do you?


Everyone surely remembers the Walmart Canada leaks prior to E3 2018. RAGE 2 definitely remembers what happened. If you pre-order RAGE 2 from Walmart Canada, you will get an original sleeve for your case with the box art that Walmart had released during their week including the edits made by Bethesda making light of the situation. I would be willing to pay the shipping costs from Canada for this. Anyone else?

If any of these stories interest you and you want to know more, let us know via email (, twitter (ng_platinum) or telephone (929-333-5762) and we will talk about it on the next show. Anything submitted before 9pm EST on Tuesday will make it on that week’s episode.

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