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Are you still playing Monster Hunter: World? Be sure to check out the Spring Blossom Festival until May 16, 2019. There is new gear, quests and decorations to obtain by participating in this event.

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If you follow the Ghost Recon twitter account, you will have seen the mysterious photo teasing new content called Operation Oracle. Some eagle eyed fans noticed that the dog tags seen display the name Cole D. Walker. Could Cole D. Walker be Cold Walker, a mission from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. More details are to be revealed on April 30, 2019 (most likely after this article goes live). Be sure to head over to @GhostRecon and be on the lookout.


Dying Light fans have something to be excited about this June. Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 will be on stage at E3 later this year. The original game was well received and many are looking forward to this installment. Nerds Gone Platinum will definitely be making this a Day 1 purchase. Will you?


After information was recently revealed regarding the PS5, rampant speculation began as to when it will be released. Until now, all we knew was that it would not be in 2019. We now know that it will not be in this fiscal year which rules out early 2020 up to and possibly including March-April. Perhaps a fall release? Maybe even holidays 2020?


Another year, another Madden Curse. The unlucky target is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. One thing is for certain: the Madden Curse usually has no bearing on these games as EA spares no expense for each year’s installment. Will you be picking up your copy on August 2?


May 7 brings Patch 9 to Fallout 76 which includes backpacks that can increase carry weight. The backpacks can be modded which can increase damage resistance or add a refrigeration unit for food at the cost of the extra storage. Mods are permanent so you will not have to relearn them each time you want to use a different mod. Have you been playing Fallout 76 since launch? Is this something that will bring you back to the game? This author cannot wait to get back to try some of the new endgame content available right now.

If any of these stories interest you and you want to know more, let us know via email (, twitter (ng_platinum) or telephone (929-333-5762) and we will talk about it on the next show. Anything submitted before 9pm EST on Tuesday will make it on that week’s episode.

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