Cinascope Smellovision in IMAX – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 154

Matt, Corey, and Moose are back to discuss some Super Mario Maker 2, what changed from the first game, the probability of Old McDonald's cow being served to him at his local McDonalds, Burger King's tacos, GamerGirl Bath Water, and balancing a budget around the games they want.

The Daily Platinum (July 22, 2019)

All the important PlayStation news you missed in a TLDR format every morning at 7am EST. Will you play with me? That is essentially the question Jason Rubin, co-founder of Naughty Dog and executive of Oculus, has posed to PlayStation. He would love to see the PlayStation exclusive VR titles available on the Oculus and … Continue reading The Daily Platinum (July 22, 2019)