Astral Chain Giveaway! – New Phone, Who Dis? – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 158

This episode (the video version anyway) is a hot mess because Matt, Corey, and Moose have procrastinated again! There's no more Google Hangouts, but that doesn't stop them from coming together to talk about Fire Emblem Three Houses, The Binding of Isaac, the Philly Hangout, Corey's vacation, and more. Subscribe, Share, Rate, and Review!

The Daily Platinum (August 19, 2019)

All the important PlayStation news you missed in a TLDR format every morning at 7am EST. Gamescom 2019 is finally upon us. Bookmark this page for up to date announcements and trailers. Ghostrunner Blasphemous Darksiders: Genesis Dead by Daylight Comanche Need for Speed Heat Kerbal Space Program 2 Little Nightmares II Predator Hunting Grounds The … Continue reading The Daily Platinum (August 19, 2019)