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Are you still working on that Wolfenstein: Youngblood Platinum trophy? Well, great news is on the way as Patch 1.05 is slated to hit consoles sometime this week. A formal set of patch notes is not available until the PC version launches first but here are some of the incoming changes:

  • Boss fight difficulty will be adjusted
    • Even on the easiest setting, Lothar was a pain in the…
  • Reducing the bullet sponge nature of most enemies
  • Ammo for basic weapons after a player respawn
  • Adding more special ammo (hammer and kraftwerk) in more challenging sections of the game
  • Adding duplicate tutorial laptops to make 100% completion easier to achieve
  • Increase weapon swap speed to make it easier to utilize the correct ammo for the matching armor types

We will update this list once the published patch notes become available. Be sure to look out for the trophy guide available on this site as well as PSNProfiles very soon.

If any of these stories interest you and you want to know more, let us know via email,  Instagram, twitter or telephone (929-333-5762) and we will talk about it on the next show. Anything submitted before 9pm EST on Tuesday will make it on that week’s episode.

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