All the important PlayStation news you missed in a TLDR format every morning at 7am EST.

There are a very few things better than new releases on Tuesday. One of them is when the PS Plus games for the month become available. The other is when there is a PSN sale. Well, all three of these things are happening today.

If you are reading this when it is posted at 7:00am EST, you still have a chance to download Sniper Elite 4 and Wipeout Omega Collection. When the store does update, you can go download Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3. Be sure to also check out the Totally Digital Sale which will run for two weeks. As far as what is new, check out the list below:

  • Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (9/6)
  • Asdivine Menance (PS4/Vita)
  • Blindfold: A Verite VR Experience (VR)
  • Catherine: Full Body
  • Fifty Words by Powgi (PS4/Vita)
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered
  • Flowers Are Dead (9/5)
  • Himno (PS4/Vita)
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
  • NBA 2K20 (9/6)
  • The Perplexing Orb
  • Post War Dreams
  • Project Nimbus: Code Mirai
  • River City Girls (9/5)
  • Root Letter: Last Answer
  • Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands (9/6)
  • Shellshock Live
  • Spice and Wolf VR (9/5)
  • Sudden Strike 4 – Complete Collection (9/6)
  • Throne Quest Deluxe (9/6)
  • Torchlight II
  • Truck Racing Championship (9/5)

Are you picking up a new game, downloading a free game or checking out the sale? Let us know.

If any of these stories interest you and you want to know more, let us know via email, Instagram, twitter or telephone (929-333-5762) and we will talk about it on the next show. Anything submitted before 9pm EST on Tuesday will make it on that week’s episode.

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