I Got A Hench About This

When we hear henchman, we assume that we talking about the goons and grunts that attack the heroes in our games or stories. Yesterday though, we learned that a henchman is the main villain right-hand person. They believe in their bosses vision while sometimes having their own. It would be easy if the head honcho … Continue reading I Got A Hench About This

Review: Decay of Logos

Already decomposed When a game bears a resemblance to Breath of the Wild and boasts combat that is Dark Souls-esque, the bar for success is going to be somewhat high. Unfortunately, Decay of Logos is unable to even reach the level of the bar, let alone climb above it. What makes this all the more frustrating … Continue reading Review: Decay of Logos

The Daily Platinum (September 10, 2019)

All the important PlayStation news you missed in a TLDR format every morning at 7am EST. Not only do we have new releases today and a the start of a PSN sale, there is another games show (TGS) sure to present even more games for us to get excited to play. Be sure to check … Continue reading The Daily Platinum (September 10, 2019)