Exclusive Pokemon in Sword and Shield and Sirfetch’d – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 163

Corey and Edward talk about the exclusive pokemon AND gym leaders in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as the new favorite monster in town, Sirfetch'd. They also give the audience a top 5 must own Switch list right now.

Down With The Fitness – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 162

Corey and Edward discuss the fitness game that Nintendo announced this week and how Nintendo can learn from the Wii and Wii U experiences to make the Switch something for literally everyone. They also touch on Astral Chain, SNES on Switch, and a possible Fortnite x Splatoon crossover.

The September Direct Reactions Episode – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 161

Back by popular demand, Corey and Edward have decided to bring Nintendo Pow Block back to the internet! In the return episode, the two discuss the September 2019 Nintendo Direct, opening with Overwatch, confirmation of a ton of third party games, and had two great ports of Nintendo IP. All that and more on the return episode of Nintendo Pow Block!

With Great Power Comes Technical Difficulties – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 156

In this episode, the crew battles technical difficulties on the video side to discuss their new segments, The Cartridge Slot and The eShop Drop, Wayforward's follow up to River City Ransom, Konami's Castlevania Collection, and a rather suspicious character in Reggie's retirement photo. All that and more on this action packed episode!