Daggerhood Platinum Walkthrough – Gimpyjayy’s Trophy Hunt

15 Minute Platinum? Sign us up. Check out Jason's review of Daggerhood over at http://www.ngrradio.com to find out why you should play longer than just for the Platinum Trophy in this game.

Dark Souls II Blind Run – Gimpyjayy’s Trophy Hunt

Jason tries his hand at a Dark Souls II run without looking at a trophy guide (gasp) or even a walkthrough. Each week, you can watch his attempts (there will be many) on this page or follow him on Twitch (@gimpyjayy) to watch it live periodically throughout the week.

New Year’s (Gaming) Resolutions

Boom! January 1st hits and everyone is going to the gym, losing weight, quitting smoking, and so on and so forth. . . BORING! One month in and most people have already given up and, by two months, everything is back to normal. Let’s focus on more important things like...more video games. Games and games … Continue reading New Year’s (Gaming) Resolutions

Trophy Time – Rise of the Necromancer (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls DLC)

Fantastic addition to an already great game.  Before I start, I have to admit that I did not think Diablo on consoles would be a good game. I actually thought it would be absolutely awful. It is now one of my favorite games on the PS4. Even though I have the Platinum trophy, I still … Continue reading Trophy Time – Rise of the Necromancer (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls DLC)