Gears 5 and How We Want Nerds Gone Rogue to be Remembered – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 162

The guys get together this week to discuss the games they've been playing, favorite console and game launches, the Nintendo Direct, industry crunch, and how they want Nerds Gone Rogue to be remembered when all is said and done.


Phantom of the Remnant – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 161

Jesse Douglas joins the crew to talk about his album, Remnant: From the Ashes, 8K resolution, keeping up as a live show, and how they've seemed to cultivate a diverse audience.

We Had To Learn To Discord – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 159

In this episode of Nerds Gone Rogue, you can actually see all the hosts at the same time! It's crazy! On top of that, you can hear them talk about Twitch vs. Mixer, what shows they're watching, how you start making a podcast, moods and games, and way more. Also we're giving away Astral Chain! So be in the chat to find out if you won!

Astral Chain Giveaway! – New Phone, Who Dis? – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 158

This episode (the video version anyway) is a hot mess because Matt, Corey, and Moose have procrastinated again! There's no more Google Hangouts, but that doesn't stop them from coming together to talk about Fire Emblem Three Houses, The Binding of Isaac, the Philly Hangout, Corey's vacation, and more. Subscribe, Share, Rate, and Review!

Nuts Up Words? It’s Gerds Ron Gogue! – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 155 – Astral Chain Giveaway

The guys are back in the metaphorical saddle to talk some more games! This week, the crew talks Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, The Division 2, Super Mario Maker 2, video game story twists, what music they're listening to, and the first games they remember playing. Also, Matt freezes sometimes in this episode so sorry for some of the audio issues and Corey and Moose trying to cover for him! This is Nerds Gone Rogue after all.

You Can’t, You Won’t, and You Don’t Stop! – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 148

Matt and Corey have a small Fireside chat on this episode of Nerds Gone Rogue. Corey now sits in the Producer's seat and testing some Twitch Live Streaming, so pardon the trial and error, but the two discuss getting their partners into games, food, Disney World, and the games they played.