The Final Episode of Nintendo Pow Block

Corey, Edward, and Jesse come together to say farewell to Nintendo Pow Block as they get ready to launch The NX Show, right here on the Nintendo Pow Block podcast feed. They talk about fond memories, the new direction, and of course, give thanks to the fans.


The Final Episode of Arsenal X

Edward, Jesse, and Corey come together to say farewell to Arsenal X as they step into their next chapter as The NX Project with their new podcast and channel, The NX Show. Thank you to the fans and everyone who's supported Arsenal X over the last two years. 

Square Enix at E3 Speculation – Nerds Gone Platinum Episode 97 Jeff and Moose speculate about what might be revealed during the Square Enix presentation at E3 2019 while Jason is still away on Daddy Duty after the arrival of Baby Marshall! Enter our current giveaway before May 14th for a chance to win a copy of DARKEST DUNGEON: COLLECTOR'S EDITION (SIGNATURE EDITION VERSION) ON … Continue reading Square Enix at E3 Speculation – Nerds Gone Platinum Episode 97

With Great Power Comes Technical Difficulties – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 156

In this episode, the crew battles technical difficulties on the video side to discuss their new segments, The Cartridge Slot and The eShop Drop, Wayforward's follow up to River City Ransom, Konami's Castlevania Collection, and a rather suspicious character in Reggie's retirement photo. All that and more on this action packed episode!

Yes We Can-Can-Canada! – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 140 – Mortal Kombat 11 Giveaway

Matt, Moose, Phillips, and Corey are back for another exciting episode of Nerds Gone Rogue! This week, the crew chooses a winner of the Meme Moose Birthday contest, their focus on consistency, quality, and positivity, unpopular opinions on pop culture, the troubled development of Anthem, and answer some listener questions.