The RGB Navarro Effect – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 163

Lee Navarro joins Matt, Moose, and Corey to talk WoW Classic, Gears 5, naming next generation systems, entertainment outside of games, GameStop's closing of 200 stores, and more.


Cinascope Smellovision in IMAX – Nerds Gone Rogue Episode 154

Matt, Corey, and Moose are back to discuss some Super Mario Maker 2, what changed from the first game, the probability of Old McDonald's cow being served to him at his local McDonalds, Burger King's tacos, GamerGirl Bath Water, and balancing a budget around the games they want.

2018 — Game Over: Would You Like to Continue?

2018 on a personal level was a year that kind of challenged my own thoughts about myself, my life and abilities in ways I more or less just let come at me. With the sole exception of proposing to my partner, I feel like, if I were in Vegas, I would've been saying "let it … Continue reading 2018 — Game Over: Would You Like to Continue?